Caboolture Hub Gallery Exhibition: Textural convergence

Caboolture Hub Gallery Exhibition: Textural convergence
Tuesday 17 August   10am - 4pm

Lucy and Ziggy are both professional fine artists who through the richness of textural experimentation unfold in their work unpredictability of themes, moods and emotions.

In Lucy’s work, nature acts as a metaphor for lived experience, and everything that lies beneath becomes the subject matter. Her work embodies the associations present in nature with human expression and experience. On the other hand, Ziggy’s work best express the emotional weight of a sculpture through the mysterious and elusive gesture that captures the intended meaning or a story, and speaks to the audience on multiple levels.

In Textural convergence both artists explore through the diversity of perception and memories possibilities of meaning. They uncover reality and imagination, reveal hidden expressiveness of form, and bring permanence and radiance, to maximise simplicity and beauty in two- and three-dimensional space.

Exhibition is free to view.


(07) 5433 2800

Exhibition Open Hours

This gallery is available for viewing from August 17 until September 16.

Tuesday - Saturday | 10am - 4pm


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The Hub Gallery at Caboolture is dedicated to highlighting emerging and mid-career artists, exhibiting a range of visual arts forms, including three-dimensional works.

Image credit: Ziggy, Cello Player, 2019, Mixed media.

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